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Friday, February 15, 2013

Snail street product review :)

Hello everyone. This is my first time doing a skincare review so I will try to do my best okay.

I'll be saying my opinions. The first product I'll be touching on is the snail street snail cream.

To begin with, I'll tell you guys how i came across this product. I was browsing through my Facebook  newsfeed when i happened to see an advertisement banner at the side which featured "Snail cream". I've never heard of a snail cream so i was intrigued by the name. I clicked on it and read about it so i was so fascinated by the idea of including snail's filtrate as the main ingredient for this cream. Just imagine a snail crawling and leaving its slime on your face... You can't even imagine it because it is so disgusting! However, you don't have to worry because for snail street snail cream, they included fragrance in it so it is not smelly at all. It is basically just a skincare cream/moisturizer. Initially I was quite hesitant to buy this cream because of its price. It cost $55 o_o So i went to browse other products this company offers. I scrolled down the website and found the Hydro Gel Eye Patch.(Third picture) . It cost $50 dollars for 10 pieces. I used to buy Face Shop raspberry eyepatch but now I want to try something new so i decided to get them. I really feel the pain of paying $50 bucks just for 10 eye patches because it's so darn expensive. Later on, I was tempted to buy the snail cream again because I read about the benefits and they seemed so true. I texted my friend, J( 8 years' of friendship and still counting on) and asked if i should get it or not and he offered to buy it for me!! So in the end I got the hydrogel patch and snail cream on the same day!!! So here are the pictures :

A little more info about the snail cream! :

Snails: The Origin

SnailStreet skincare cosmetics are the only products in Japan made from 86% Helix Aspersa Muller Chilean Snail secretion filtrate.


In 1980 a Chilean family established a snail farm with the intention of exporting snails to Europe for gastronomic purposes. But the family discovered that when handling the snails, the skin on the farmer's hands became extremely soft. Injuries and cuts caused by the sharp snail cages healed quickly without becoming infected and didn't leave scars. As snails can regenerate their own shell when diseased or damaged in the wild, it was soon realized that what restores a snail's shell could also repair human skin.

Observing this, Dr. Fernando Bascunan, the eldest son of the family, directed a rigorous scientific study about the properties of Chilean snail secretions. The results of the study confirmed that the secretion of Helix Aspersa Muller snail species have an extraordinary regenerative capacity on human skin. This led to snail secretion being used in skincare. Snail Street is a the No.1 Snail secretion based cosmetics brand in Japan that uses 86% Helix Aspersa Muller Snail secretion filtrate imported from Chile.


The Secrets of Snails

Essence of snails that causes skin regeneration

Chilean & Worldwide Laboratory Research
Analysis carried out on the Chilean Helix Aspersa Muller snail secretion extract proved that it contained the following elements in its NATURAL form:


Makes the regeneration of the human skin possible. (Other dermatological products obtain allantoin synthetically by laboratory means.)


Add richness and softness to the skin.

Collagen & Elastin:

The main components of the skin’s connective tissue which over the years loses its elasticity.

Glycolic Acid:

Acts as a natural exfoliant, eliminating dead cells on the surface of the skin.

NOTE: All these elements exist in the Snail Secretion Filtrate in its natural form (not synthetically produced in the laboratories) and have been thoroughly quantified and qualified by a Chilean laboratory.

Basically i just copied and paste from the website ;D You can view more details directly from the website but I'm just showing you part of it :)

After i gotten them within a week, I was very excited to use them. First, I used the snail street snail cream. The result was: 

My face was very smooth the next day and it was quite radiant. However, after a few times, my face became slightly oily. I can't blame on the product because it may not be that suitable for me or maybe i used too much on my face. I've read reviews on this snail cream and many said it was not bad so... The effectiveness depends on the user's skin condition. I still use the product but in moderation so that my skin can continue to be radiant! :)

As for the hydrogel eye patch, I felt quite refreshed after using for the first time. Even though my fine lines and dark eye rings did not disappear like what the product claimed it can, it did hydrate the skin around my eyes. There are many factors to consider in order to have a good skin so i can't rely solely on just skincare products. I'm left with only 5 more pieces:(

So in summary:

The strengths about this snail street snail cream are:
-Quite moisturizing.
-Helps to make your face a little radiant
-Comes with a spatula so that you don't have to use your fingers

-Too expensive for a small bottle (LOL)

The strengths about this snail street hydro gel patch are:
-Does not fall off easily
-Does not irritate the skin around my eyes
-Helps to hydrate the skin around my eyes

-The effects aren't that long lasting :(

P.S My skin condition is not good at all so I never post any pictures of myself. The reason is because i sleep very little HAHAHA. 

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